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Microsofts Surface og Windows RT

Video: Joshua Topolsky fra The Verge.

Anmeldelserne af Microsofts egen tablet Surface og det nye skræddersyede styresystem til tabletter, Windows RT, løber ind fra de førende IT-magasiner.

Selvom det ligger i sagens natur, at anmeldelser skal afgive en dom, og en anbefaling; virker det som om anmelderne er i vildrede.


Windows RT

På Windows RT har man kun adgang til apps, der følger med Surfacen, eller købes i Microsoft app-shop. Man har ikke adgang til at køre nogle af de normale programmmer i Windowsfamilien. Windows RT er et styresystem designet specifikt til at køre på ARM-processoren på en tablet. Selvom systemet er i familie med Windows 8, og startskærmene ser ens ud, er det et helt andet styresystem end Windows 8. Microsoft Office på Windows RT er en tilpasset og reduceret version i forhold til Windows 8 versionen.


Fælles for mange af anmelderne er, at man havde håbet på noget rigtig godt. Microsoft og Windows er så stor, og så væsentlig en spiller på markedet, at forventningerne var skruet højt op. Samtidig ser det nye styresystem godt ud ved første øjekast – Microsoft har designet deres brugerinterface, så det faktisk ser helt anderledes ud end Apples; og samtidig umiddelbart udstråler elegance og klarhed. Det er befriende at se, at man ikke behøver at kopiere Apple’s brugerinterface (mere eller mindre) for at levere et moderne styresystem.

Så forventningerne var høje. Den praktiske afprøvning er skuffende.


Nogen mener, at hvis det primære formål med at købe en tablet er at anvende Microsoft Office, er det en rigtig god tablet. Hvis ikke, så skal man tænke sig om en ekstra gang.

Andre mener, at selv hvis man primært vil anvende tabletten til køre Microsoft Office, er man bedre stillet med en laptop. Se f.eks. New York Times nedenfor og GDGT. Årsagen er at Officeeapplikationerne på Windows RT ikke er de fulde versioner, og de i øvrigt virker kluntede.

Det positive ved Windows RT tabletten er at hardwaren generelt er designet godt, og at initiativet er lovende.

Det negative er, udover det ovenfor nævnte, at skærmen ikke er i top, kameraerne er under standard; og uden 3G og LTE kan tabletten ikke rigtigt anvendes på farten. Herudover er den fysisk for stor og tung til mere afslappet brug på farten. Endelig er det negative manglen på apps, som bl. gør, at abonnement på medier, andre end Microsofts, er stort set umuligt i øjeblikket.

New York Times

“Unfortunately, Windows RT is not the full Windows. The Surface comes with preview 2013 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint — workable, but sometimes sluggish. Otherwise, though, Windows RT can’t run any of the four million regular Windows programs. Or the 275,000 iPad apps. Or the 17 Android tablet apps. (That’s a joke! There are actually 19 Android tablet apps.) Instead, it requires all new apps. They’re available exclusively from the online Windows App Store, and there aren’t many to choose from; for example, there’s no Facebook, Spotify, Angry Birds, Instagram, Draw Something. . . .

. . . .Look, here’s the thing. You’d have to be fairly coldblooded to keep your pulse down the first time you see the Surface: its beauty, its potential, its instant transformation from tablet to PC. How incredible that this bold, envelope-pushing design came from Microsoft, a company that for years produced only feeble imitations of other companies’ fresh ideas.

And how ironic that what lets the Surface down is supposedly Microsoft’s specialty: software.

In time, maybe the Windows RT apps will come. Maybe the snags will get fixed. Maybe people will solve the superimposed puzzle of Windows RT and Windows 8. Until then, the Surface is a brilliantly conceived machine whose hardware will take your breath away — but whose software will take away your patience.”


“Yes, you can use it as your only computer. I would never have made that claim about an iPad or Android tablet. But if you only need to live in Microsoft Office and the web and e-mail, and use your computer for media consumption, you’ll do great with this. I used it as my primary computer for several days. There were applications I missed, and I would never want it to be my only computer (the keyboard and screen are just too small) but it worked. I was fine.

This is a great device. It is a new thing, in a new space, and likely to confuse many of Microsoft’s longtime customers. People will have problems with applications — especially when they encounter them online and are given an option by Internet Explorer to run them, only to discover this won’t work. But overall it’s quite good; certainly better than any full-size Android tablet on the market. And once the application ecosystem fleshes out, it’s a viable alternative to the iPad as well.”

Laptop Mag

“The Surface with Windows RT proves that Microsoft can beat its own partners on hardware. Between the build quality, kickstand, and truly innovative Touch Cover, this is a tablet whose design and fresh interface will turn heads away from the iPad. But for how long? For a flagship product with a premium price, Microsoft compromises on too many things by including poor cameras, weak speakers, slow internal memory and a screen that, while better than most, isn’t as good as the iPad’s Retina display.

Ultimately, the Surface will succeed or fail based on the quality of the apps around it. Right now, $599 (the minimum cost with Touch Cover) is a lot to spend on a fledgling ecosystem. However, with the power of Microsoft and Nvidia behind it, we believe we will see more compelling apps for Windows RT arrive within the next few weeks.”

PC Mag

“It’s in the other half of the equation, that of the content consumption and entertainment, where the Surface is currently lacking. It needs a bigger pile of apps and games to make up for that and, while we’re sure they’re coming, we don’t know when. If those apps arrive soon, then early adopters will feel vindicated. If, however, the Windows RT market is slow to mature, not truly getting hot for another six months or so, holding off will prove to have been the smarter option.

If you use Office programs constantly, the Surface is the tablet and laptop replacement your inner road warrior has been searching for. Discounting Office, the Windows Store’s limited selection holds us back from giving the Surface an unequivocal recommendation, since the iTunes Store and the various Android stores have significantly more vast collections of apps.”


“The Microsoft Surface with Windows RT’s $499 starting MSRP means those thinking about making the investment here will be carefully cross-shopping against same-priced offerings from Apple, ASUS and others. Where does this one rate? Very well — but very differently. While those devices are primarily targeted at content-hungry consumers, the Surface is a slate upon which you can get some serious work done, and do so comfortably. You can’t always say that of the competition.”

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